Fatphobia is a deeply ingrained part of our everyday lives, from the encoded language of ‘clean’ eating to the outright denial of life-saving medical care for larger-bodied patients. This presentation will detangle truth from societal and medical bias and present a framework for fat justice within a home birth practice. By exploring the history of fatphobia in health care, how fatphobia maintains other oppressions, and best practices for supporting higher-weight patients, attendees will leave with the tools to create a more welcoming environment and better medical outcomes for a wider diversity of clientele.

Jamie Oller is a home birth midwife and massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. She brings 15 years of experience organizing within intersectional communities focused on body diversity and uplifting marginalized voices. In her personal practice, she focuses on helping queer families, poor people, and others with a history of medical trauma create trusting relationships with their bodies as well as their providers.