Evidence-Based Prevention and Management of
Pre-Eclampsia for the Community Midwife

Jaqxun R Darlin, LM, CPM

There's an ongoing need to spread awareness and improve understanding of preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, even within the midwifery and medical communities. New research on this complex and critical area of healthcare management is continually emerging and it can be challenging for practitioners to stay up to date. In this session, we'll learn the latest evidence and current recommendations for risk assessment and prevention, evaluation and diagnosis, and management of pre-eclampsia for the community midwife. Some of the highlights include how to identify and manage clients that will benefit from low-dose aspirin and how to use a risk assessment algorithm to determine who needs immediate medical attention and whom you can keep in care with increased monitoring and lab work. We'll also discuss fine-tuning counseling clients on demographic-based risk factors, changing care plans for people with emerging health risks, and continuity of care for people with hypertensive disorders through birth and the postpartum.

Jaqxun Darlin LM, CPM is a practicing midwife at a busy birth center that frequently works with populations at higher risks for hypertensive disorders. The experiences and challenges they've had with evaluating for and managing pre-eclampsia has led them to do an in-depth literature review and develop this course for practicing midwives so that other people can find all the current evidence as it applies to community midwives in a single place. They're also nerdy about postpartum hemorrhage prevention and management, trauma-informed practices, and intersections between science and mystery.