'The Truth About VBAC for Health Professionals"

6.6 CEU's offered

Presented By

Jen Kamel

Saturday, March 7th, 2020,  8am-5pm
Eliot Center  
1226 SW Salmon St,
Portland, OR 97205

VBAC is a political hot potato resulting in conflicting opinions that all seem to cite the very same national guidelines and research. It can be confusing and overwhelming to decipher between truth and rumor in the midst of a busy practice. The result is fear and an almost 90% repeat cesarean rate across the United States exposing birthing people and their families to complications far more complex and harmful than uterine rupture. So how do we counter that? We do it together by learning the facts.

Through this day long training, you will learn every step of the process for achieving clarity on the latest VBAC and repeat cesarean evidence so you can confidently navigate the facts and successfully communicate them to your clients. Birth options after multiple cesareans, big babies, postdates, birth intervals, single versus dual layer suturing, uterine thickness, racial disparities, the VBAC calculator... this training covers it all.

During your time together, Jen will review multiple sources, how people have interpreted them, and what specific things to consider when evaluating medical research so you can identify strong VBAC studies and understand what they really say.  Jen will walk you through the limited available evidence on fetal monitoring during VBACs and various tips on how to accurately and honestly communicate obstetrical risk to your clients so they understand the facts without creating unnecessary fear. 

While fears of litigious action negatively impact VBAC access, you will learn how hospitals have improved obstetrical outcomes while reducing their malpractice claims... and how these same strategies can be applied to your practice. Finally, Jen will review the evidence on out-of-hospital VBAC so we know where we stand and then examine into the various factors that communities can employ to improve outcomes.