Dr. Hart graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine with her doctorate in naturopathic medicine and certificate in natural childbirth. During school, she completed a 3-year internship with focuses on family practice, pediatrics, and women’s health. In addition, she is a DONA trained doula, an FCP trained postpartum doula, a member of the Preconception to Infancy Forum, and is part of the Baby Blues Connection Network. She routinely pursues continuing training in pediatrics, women’s health, mental health, and botanical and physical modalities. She’s an active member of the SW Portland community, serving as a parent-teacher in the Multnomah Playschool Co-op, and as an occasional hike leader for Hike it, Baby. Somehow after all of that she fits in scrapbooking, marathoning nerdy Netflix shows, and baking ridiculous desserts.

Presentation Abstract:

Safety planning is a simple, easy intervention that can prevent a lot of harm. The practice is often used by counselors to address depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction and more- and yet, postpartum mood disorders are rarely treated with safety planning. Get more comfortable with postpartum mood disorders by incorporating this counseling skill in your daily practice.


Key Points:

* How to write a safety plan

* Postpartum mood disorder screening intervals

* Coordinating support personelle